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Fencing Supplies

   The "MAGCLIP"  (aka Fence Clip)

Are you experiencing issues with noisy, rattling fence panels? Do your panels bang in the wind or feel insecure? Do they shift within the recesses of your concrete posts? Unfavorable weather conditions, especially windy ones, can create significant problems with fence panels making noise. However, Magrenko offers a solution within our Fence Panels Accessories range.

Introducing our Fence Panel Security Clips and Grips, designed to address the following concerns: 

  • Eliminate noise from banging fence panels
  • Minimize wind-induced noise from fence panels
  • Prevent rattling of fence panels
  • Provide additional grip for fence panels

Easy to install and cost-effective, MagClip offers a high-security solution to the problem of fence panels rattling in the wind and being susceptible to unauthorized lifting. As illustrated in the diagram below, securing an entire fence panel takes less than 30 seconds with just a screwdriver.

 The  Gravel Board / Fence Clip

Experiencing problems with curved fences? Panels getting blown out?

Not anymore! Introducing the our "Gravel Board / Fence Clip" – A solution without any drilling or screws, featuring a self-locking push-fit design.

Metal bracket clips are essential accessories in maintaining the structural integrity of fence panels by preventing bowing and bending in the middle. These clips typically consist of durable metal material, often galvanized steel or aluminum, renowned for their strength and corrosion resistance.

In summary, the use of metal bracket clips provides a reliable method to prevent and address bowing and bending issues in fence panels. Their robust construction and simple application make them indispensable components for ensuring the longevity and structural integrity of fences in various environments.

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