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Fence Panel Security Clips

Do you have a problem with rattling fence panels? Do your fence panels bang in the wind or are the insecure? Do your Fence Panels move about in the recesses of your concrete posts? Poor and windy weather can cause huge issues with Fence Panels rattling and banging but Magrenko has a solution for in our Fence Panels Accessories range.!

Fence Panel Security Clips and Grips Benefits:

  • Stop noise from banging fence panels
  • Reduce wind noise from fence panels
  • Stops rattling fence panels
  • Fence panel grips

We are inviting you to try out our newly designed and British made MagClip (Fence Panel Clips to aid in Fence Panel Security). These are sometime known as Fence Wedges or Fence Panel Wedges, a mechanical spring device inserted into the gap between fence panel and post with special barbs to firmly grip both fence panel and concrete post.

Being simple to fit, it’s a low-cost, high-security solution to the problem of fence panels rattling in the wind and being lifted by criminals. As you can see from our diagram below, a complete fence panel can be secured in less than 30 seconds just using a screwdriver.

Fence Panel Security Clips from Magrenko

We supply wholesale boxes of 250. We also supply retail display bags in packs of 20 to sell on to your customers to fit themselves.

You can purchase Fence Panel Clips on our Store page here.